Ursula Roosen-Runge, MHA

In more than thirty years as an administrator, planner, and consultant I have built a portfolio of small and complex projects in the wide range of services provided by public agencies and non-profit organizations.  (Client List)  The common threads are that they have involved strategic planning, community engagement, or organizational change. I learn from every client and every project and from them have gained a deep understanding of the connections and patterns that drive operations, strategy, and governance.

My passion is for work that matters. Knowing that a client has a different platform from which to do their work when our project is complete is deeply satisfying.  Sometimes this comes simply from helping a dysfunctional group become functional, sometimes by helping a Board establish the policies and practices of good governance, or at other times by the creation of a service delivery or strategic plan which the organization can act on.

I am at my best working with mission driven organizations that strive to work collaboratively while respecting the creativity and accountability of the individual. For you I offer:

  • expert facilitation of groups of all sizes and scope, involving people of diverse interests, cultures, rank and background, to arrive at difficult decisions within set time frames.
  • expert strategic and organizational planning, with the ability to see the patterns and pathways through the complexity.
  • experience in coaching leaders and organizations through the organizational changes and actions needed to implement your plans, asking questions that guide and allow you to find the answers.

For more information please see my resumé.  Learn also about my colleagues.