SLR is built around the philosophy that raising your organization to a high level of  excellence requires attending to effective planning, engagement, and building organizational capacity to change, implement and lead. 


We believe the art of planning is in guiding an organization to decisions that move the mission forward,  are doable and sustainable.  The discipline of planning is about using  information,  making connections between ideas and opportunities, and exploring creative ways forward around obstacles.  


We believe plans that will be actionable and adaptable to the changing world are that those have been shaped by the people who will carry out them out and who will be affected by them.  

Effective and complex change arises out of dialogue between stakeholders as well as advocacy for closely held beliefs. Where possible we foster this.


We believe that  leaders and staff need to be committed to change,  and have the patience, the skills and the supports to make it happen.   A critical, but often neglected part of strategic planning and organization change is the assessment of an organization's readiness to change and its capacity to both develop and carry out new ways of doing its work.