Founded in 1984, SLR works with purpose-driven organizations to help set new directions and to build the organizational capacity to carry  them out.  We do our best work at the intersection of strategic planning, organizational change, and community engagement. This is where sustainable change can be realized.  

What We Do

Each client and each project is unique. Using the power of good questions we build a relationship that lets us customize our approach to your goals, resources, and timeline.   We use our experience and tools,  and our curiosity and imagination to help you move forward. 


Ursula Roosen-Runge, one of the original founders of SLR, has brought together a group of independent consultants who also work under the auspices of Strategic Learning Resources on a project by project basis. This lean organization always offers you  principal level expertise whether it is for complex projects - or the skilled facilitation of discovery for a small team.