For Public Agencies

We may want government to be 'business-like' but working with public agencies is not the same as working with the private sector.  Working with public agencies requires an understanding of the relationship of government and community, as well as an understanding of how programs are developed and funded and laws are promulgated. All of these conditions differentiate the public sector from other entities, providing unique opportunities for and barriers to change.  

SLR has a history of managing and carrying out large complex projects for public agencies, that involve multiple agencies and often multiple consultants offering specialized expertise.  In recent years projects have included community needs assessments, strategic plans, service delivery plans, assessment of customer satisfaction, coalition building and organizational re-structuring. 

Recent clients include:

  • Verdant Health Commission
  • Kitsap Health District
  • King County Public Library System
  • King County Dept. of Community and Human Services
  • Oregon Dept. of Health
  • King County Dept. of Information Technology
  • Methow Valley School District. 


Entrance to Blackfeet Nation, Browning, Montana

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