Donna Vaudrin, EdD

Donna is deeply committed to helping leaders and teams develop vital insights, mindsets, skills and tools needed to foster communication, trust and collaboration, and fuel their collective efforts to meet challenges and produce transformative and sustainable results.  As a seasoned consultant, trainer and coach with over 30 years of experience, Donna is particularly adept at creating a climate of greater openness to address uncomfortable and challenging situations; enhancing emotional intelligence, communication and leadership skills; deepening trust and teamwork;  and facilitating transition and the human side of change.  

Donna works with clients in all sectors, with clients ranging from Boeing to the YMCA to the Snohomish Health District.  Before she began her work as a consultant she held significant positions in the world of higher education and public service, including managing training and employee development for Metro, Seattle and serving as the Dean of Students for Seattle University.


Sara Saltee, MA

Sara is a creativity coach and trainer who works with change leaders ready to expand their personal capacity for operating at the uncomfortable edge of the new – a way of operating that artists specialize in, and leaders increasingly must adopt to thrive in times of rapid change.  Sara also facilitates workshops and retreats for work teams to explore the relationships between creativity, leadership and change, and strategies for fostering work cultures that empower rather than squelch creativity.

Sara has worked with Strategic Learning Resources since 2005, first as a Senior Associate and as a subcontractor since 2009.  With 22 years of experience as an adult educator and broad expertise in the fields of communication, adult learning, and creativity, Sara has contributed her skills in adult learning design and facilitation, qualitative data gathering and analysis, information synthesis and presentation, and report writing to numerous SLR projects.  

In addition to her coaching and consulting work, Sara is currently the Director of Leadership and Learning Programs for Riane Eisler’s Center for Partnership Studies.  Prior to her consulting and coaching career, Sara worked as a faculty member and student advisor in diverse higher education settings including Regis University School for Professional Studies, Front Range Community College, Colorado State University Extension Programs, and the University of California, San Diego.

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